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Service Interrupted and slow speeds

We've been experiencing extremely slow speeds lately so I logged into my account and see a Service Interrupted message displayed for My Internet.  Speed tests currently are indicating roughly 1mbps down and 10mbps up but it seems to vary a bit from that.  Are there common issues that cause these service interruptions and slowdowns that I can look into?  Thanks,

  • @jimbush3

    Please email your full address and primary name on the account to so we can check the signal levels.

  • I emailed the info as requested and will update this post if any useful information comes up.  Thank you

  • The issue was on my end.  There was a coax connector in the attic to elongate the cable.  I had overlooked this since I knew there were no splitters and assumed that it was a single cable making the whole trip from outer cable to modem.  I literally went into the attic, tightened the connector (it didn't feel loose but I figured why not) and my speeds immediately went from 5Mbps to 122Mbps.  Thanks to the Cox reps on this one for surprisingly fast response and the immediate recommendation to check splitters/amplifiers on the line.

  • Hi jimbush3,

    I'm glad to hear the issue is resolved.  Please feel free to reach back for any other questions or concerns.