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Triple charging, with meter running at least five times too high.

I am angered by the 1000 GB monthly limit. I've averaged between 200 and 300 GB, so, no big deal right? Well, yes, since over the last few weeks my metered usage is supposedly five or six times that much!

I shut my modem off and went to bed. When I got up in the morning, 37 more GB registered on the meter. I monitored all our regular activities over the next 24 hours, and maybe we used 0.8 to 1 GB. Yet, the meter shows 22 more.

I'll point out that Cox has admitted there is a problem with the modem meters, but they won't actually fess up. They won't explain anything. 

Yes, Cox is unfairly and unreasonably limiting our data and charging outrageously for overage, but that isn't bad enough. They seem to want to charge everyone for overage, so they put a multiplier on the data usage meters!

Also, a man complained about the data cap, and you say it is solved. It is not solved. You are either lying or just stupid.

The data cap is a problem. It is wrong.

Worse, it is downright disgusting to overspeed the meter! Disgusting!

Cox has usually been satisfactory, but when not, it is always excruciatingly painful to get support and get issues resolved.

  • Hi Lonnie,

    The Cox Data Usage Meter has been certified and tested for accuracy by Cox and Netforecast, an independent third party. If you believe the Cox Data Usage Meter is not calculating your data usage accurately, please email our team at We will gladly review your network activity logs and compare them to what our usage meter is tracking. We have an escalation process in place if discrepancies are discovered.

  • I'm with you Lonnie. So anti consumer it makes me sick. We need to start a movement to get as many people as we can to drop Cox so they lose millions and show them who has the power. They can blow their data cap out their ****. Greedy f u c k s

  • Unfortunately, they have a monopoly in many areas and exercise it to the fullest extent! All billing questions about this price jumping or that fee going up get the same response. "We need to address this offline." Um, no, and locking the thread does not preclude us from posting further about the unfair parasitic practices either. So, Cox, when are you going to open up and give the customers the truth?]
  • I see I am not the only one who saw data usage tripled between 9-12 Aug 2017. I chatted with Cox rep and she told me it could have been a specific movie and not just streaming. I told our routine hasn't changed but there was a significant spike. Last month we streamed a lot more and our daily usage never came close to 60 gigs but during the past weekend the meter is saying I used close to 180 gigs for three days. I don't buy this at all. Something is not write with this. I might just get rid of internet since my cell provider is unlimited data.
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