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Data Cap

Congratulations..... after having me as a customer at two addresses for a total exceeding 35 years, you have finally managed to force me to leave.

Most companies have limited their greed to a max of $50 a month in overages...NOT COX.

Some companies offer an upper tier for unlimited data...NOT COX

Some companies don't even enforce a cap for customers that use multiple services...NOT COX.

What does COX want to do...charge me $200 extra a month to exceed a 2tb cap that they took away in the middle of the night and changed to 1tb, to increase their profits.

At that price, do you realize I could sign up for three Ultimate tiers at the same address, cause more of the imaginary network congestion you claim and still pay less than what you greedy bast#ds want?

Let this serve as my two month grace period before I cancel TV, INTERNET and PHONE service. I'll be calling you soon.

  • Hi, Internet speed is the measure of how quickly information is transferred to your device. Data usage is the measure of how much data you’re consuming. Faster speeds do not mean you will hit your data cap faster. It would just deliver it to you faster.

  • Uhhhhh.... what? The data cap is 1TB. If you receive data faster, then you can get to 1TB faster.

  • Hi zaery,

    Check out to learn more about data usage.

  • I read that this morning, because it was in the email I got that detailed how unfairly you're increasing my prices.

  • Seriously. I just received that email too. My household streams media from various sources all the time from Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, etc. With HD material 1TB will be used up in a few days.

    TimeWarner has it right. You get what you pay for, unlimited usage. It's the 21st freaking century. People are streaming and this is just a move showing how unethical their practices are to dive deeper into your wallet. Absolute trash as far as I'm concerned. If you have problems delivering promised speeds to people, build a better infrastructure. Modernize, adapt, improve services. Don't try to steal money out of my pocket because you can't deliver.

    I'm now shopping for a different provider and you will be receiving a call very shortly to cancel services.