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Streamline to tv won't work

GRRRR! Just had Cox install Advanced cable (with box), their modem, and Netgear router in my apartment. I have a Sony BDP-S185 BluRay player as well. My laptop receives internet connection fine, cable works fine, and BluRay works fine (when I change tv input modes). I have NetFlix "Stream package" and get it fine on my laptop but nothing on my tv. When i go to Netflix site and select "stream to tv immediately" it asks for a device activation code. ALL my device codes have been tried exhaustively. Any suggestionswould be great. Cox wants to charge me to come look at the setup even though they installed it (for a stiff fee) only a few days ago. I'm ready to pull the plug on the whole thing! And to boot, the tech took my HDMI cable I had just bought and Cox said they can't do anything about it. Help from the "Outside" would be appreciated...

  • Based on what you described it sounds like this is an issue with Netflix not being able to be activated on the TV.  This wouldn't be an issue Cox would be able to address.  I would suggest reaching out to Netflix's support and see what they have to say.

  • Are you Sure  that  your   Blue Ray /DVD  player  is Wifi Ready and or do you have a Wifi dongle for it. As that is what you need to be able to get on line,  to Access  Netflix and to get it to stream .  Or if you got a Wii or  Playstation or Xbox you can stream netflix to your   Tv thru those too.   I Hope this helps .