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Slow speeds throughout Phoenix and Casa Grande in Arizona

During the past three weeks at two different residences I've lived  in Phoenix (I moved recently) and also at a family member's place in Casa Grande, AZ I have been tracking VERY slow speeds on Cox's system.  For instance everything was great at my last residence and I was able to download at 2500 KB/s which is very close to my speed I pay for.  Towards the last week of my residency there at that place, the connection became extremely erratic, going from 1700 KB/s to 300 KB/s and back up and down.  I could see it in my download graph that it was very inconsistent and evident that something is going on with Cox's cable system.  Now that I have moved, my new place is experiencing 600-700 KB/s download almost ALL the time I am there in the evenings, and it doesn't matter what time.  It could be 6 PM or 3 AM and the speeds are the same.  This is sad because I have the 25 mbps package, which should equal roughly 2000-2500 KB/s on downloads.  So what gives?  If you want to give me a 5th of the service why not change my price to a 5th of the price?  To further check on this I asked my cousin who lives in Casa Grande if he's been experiencing any speed issues and sure enough he has the same issue but even worse!  He only gets 200-300 KB/s on his downloads now and has the same package.

So if there are issues Cox, why not tell your users about them?  I don't see any place on the website that shows news saying that you're upgrading the system, or anything like that.  It would be nice to keep your users in the know.  How long will I continue to pay for full service but only get 1/5th of the service I'm paying for?

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