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LG EnV Touch VX11000 unable to access Cox email

I tried to reset all accounts and tried the three servers East, West, and Central.

  • I too was having the same issue with a Samsung Android Transfix and I have Cricket service.  I read the article mentioned above, posted a question as well.  I then went and removed the word EAST from both my INCOMING and OUTGOING server settings, and am now ABLE to refresh mail and have NEW email show in my INBOX.

    I advise trying the above as it seems to have solved the Server Connection issue for me.  I sure wish that someone from Cox would have sent information out to its customers that there may be an issue instead of letting us think it was most likely our mobile service provider.  A little heads up would be greatly appreciated in the future.  

  • The problem is on Crickets end!!!! Remove the East, West or Central in your server settings, both incoming and outgoing, and your email will work as it thanks to Cox.   I also have a reply posted below.

  • Sorry....correcting an error in my post....the error is not on Cricket's end or any Mobile Service Provider.....I previously stated it typing error.

  • The LG ENV TOUCH does not allow us to edit the server names.  It only gives three choices.  Help??

  • yes i read this article and instuctions to enter email account without the does not work  it does not recignize the account.  how do i change the mail server on my lg chocolate touch phone?