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Why are Prices going up again ?

Prices are going up again on both Cox Internet and TV.  Why?  When I am getting the same Internet starter pack and using the same DVR box.  Gee Whiz  give us a break.  How many times a year do we have to have an increase in both internet and TV?  AT&T is way cheaper and so is Time Warner. 

On my TV , I am not getting any new channels and the same DVR receiver price is going up also. 

What does everyone else think?

  • I dont mind price hikes.. What I do mind however, is not getting anything in return.. like increased internet speeds ect that I've been stuck with for awhile now, while many other states have already had their networks upgraded to pump out faster and more reliable speeds :/

  • My internet Essentials price went up as well from $34.99 to $39.99. That is a 14.25% increase and $ 72 increase for the year! I have both spoken to and emailed Cox customer service about this increase. My download speed is still 3Mbps with no increase in speed. How can they justify a huge price increase and not even give me an equivalent increase in speed which would be 7.28 Mbps. I was told that for the last 8 years Cox has increased the speed for Preferred and Premier accounts and the increase pays for increased technology. Essential customers are just as important and expect value for their money. In my area, Cox and Verizon are the two major players for internet service, not much competition for a small state. You're fortunate that your internet speeds were increased. Cox keeps raising prices and we are seeing no benefits as Essential customers. We can't even lock in rate prices for two years. My state is of no help since there isn't any way to regulate the cable companies. The internet is my lifeline and it's all I can afford because of limited income. I don't think the majority of people in my state along with the rest of the USA received 14.25% raises!! Cox Cable, the slogan "your friend in the digital age" is not a reflection of the hefty price increases and getting nothing for it. 

  • sparky said:

    My internet Essentials price went up as well from $34.99 to $39.99. That is a 14.25% increase and $ 72 increase for the year!

    New math? Or, how does a $5/month increase equal $72 yearly? A 14.4 month year, perhaps?

  • Hi C.E.E.

    Price increases are never fun for any of us! Please know that we try to absorb as much of the increased cost to do business as possible. We value your loyalty, and certainly do not want to lose you as a customer--especially since other providers are also increasing their prices. If you haven't called in to discuss your account in a while there may be service adjustments we can make to tailor our products to your needs. Feel free to email my team at if you would like further assistance. We're happy to help!

  • Price increases are never total bill jumped $30 dollars this past month so I ditched the cable.  Customer service called me and asked if I wanted to "Price Lock".  It turns out they were locking me into this higher rate.  WOW guys.  C'mon!