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Firmware Updates for Netgear CG3000D

I just received the Netgear CG3000D modem/router from Cox.  Although I like the unit, I am not getting anywhere near the upload speeds I should be receiving as a subscriber to the premier package.  Are firmware updates pushed to these units on a regular basis?  I do not know if my unit has the latest firmware so I have copied its specs below.  Thanks to anyone who can explain how updates to these units work and whether mine is current.  If it is not current, what do I need to do?

Standard Specification Compliant DOCSIS 3.0
Hardware Version 1.04A
Software Version V5.5.4.mp2_CPR14c
  • Cox handles  firmware  if it was recently installed might take a day or two for the current firmware in your area to get pushed to it , or you might already have the latest firmware that Cox is using in your market..

  • That already is the latest firmware for that modem. As far as I know, there's not any variation in versions across markets for that model.

    However, the package speeds do differ across markets. In Roanoke, for example, Premier is still 15mbps down and 1.5mbps up.

  • I have been having problems with my cg3000d-rg router. I would recommend taking yours back and getting a stand alone modem and a wireless router, two stand alone devices.

    I feel cheated as I investigate my problem further. I would have never bought the cg3000d-rg if I knew that cox produced the firmware pushes themselves. It is not what it was promised and it has not delivered on what was promised. I am psyching myself up to call cox again to try and get some retroactive credit on mine for a simple modem. I think I'm sol though.

    I get regular wireless hiccups, slow wireless speeds, and an abysmally small/weak wireless field. The term given to this gateway when I bought it was reliable, and it has been anything but. I wish I had come to these conclusions sooner, I fear netgear is going to point at cox and cox will point at netgear and I'm going to just be sitting here waiting for google fiber.

  • Thanks to everyone for posting.  It seems I already have the latest firmware.  Personally, I am thusfar pleased with this purchase.  Previously, I had a Cisco modem and Apple Extreme router.  My blu ray player seldom rated the signal strength above 80% using that combination.  Using the Netgear gateway, it consistently rates my signal at or near 100%.  Further, my Roku rated the signal strength previously at Good.  It is now rated as Excellent.  Thus, I cannot help but conclude this has been a good purchase for me.  As an aside, the first Apple Extreme router I had died just short of one year.  It was replaced since it was still under warranty but that made me a litle less trustworthy of that model.  If one reads router/modem reviews long enough, it seems there are not really any models that have a proven track record.  For now, I will hope the Netgear will continue to work as advertised.  Thanks again to everyone for replying to my original post.

  • I feel the same way. The wired connection works fine, but the wireless is horrible and I live in a TINY house. The Powerline Ethernet keeps cutting out as cox drops the signal constantly and I have to restart the router 4-= x a day or more. The tech on the phone said to hardwire all connections. Then why do I have a wireless modem??? Netgear said update firmware, then I find out this model is a Cox " special.:" Thanks Cox.. Now I have to have a service call , which I will probably get charged for , like the last one that I had to fight with them over. Great speed  when I have a connection , insane dropping issues... I saw online in the forums over 250 posts about this same dropping problem. COX FIX IT .  We pay you every month ..