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Internet Speed Upgrade

Per the Cox Arizona web page there was an internet speed upgrade yesterday. My internet speed has not changed. I have reset my cable modem and have the same result. Can someone take a look at my cable modem?

  • A service code needs to be changed on your account which I cannot do due to the way campigns are setup.  Best way to get this corrected is to speak to our account services team to get the DOCSIS 3.0 Premier service code added to your account.

  • Chris,

    I took your advice and called billing and they said I already had the code for Premier internet. She transferred me to support who had me test without my router, re-provisioned my modem, same result.

    Was then transferred to tier 2 who had me put my old Docsis 2 modem on the line and download was even worse.

    Two hours, a lot of troubleshooting and no resolution. Any suggestions.

  • I found somebody that was able to do it here, try it now.

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    Thank you very much Chris. I hope word about this gets around as it was frustrating troubleshooting a billing/provisioning problem.

  • Will the upgrade be rolled out to all cities?  50mbps for premier and 150mbps for ultimate?  Wow