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Connecting to Router Settings for NetGear CG3000D

I cannot seem to connect to my COX-provided NetGear CG3000D router's settings.  I am having issues with getting my Nintendo Wii to connect to the internet and it recommends changing some network settings via my router.

The manual for the router available through says to access the setting by going to but this does not load anything for me.

Thank you for any advice.


  • That is the correct process so it sounds like something isn't working as it should.  It may be worth resetting the device to defaults by pushing the reset button and trying again.

  • I am having the same issue.  I loose ability to access the router settings using the address, so I am forced to do a hard reset.  I then edit the settings using the restored default address to my SSID.  The router will function normally, and then I will loose setup access again (from network genie and browser) and know the problem has returned.    It might be coincidental, but my VPN connection quits allowing me to connect through it to remote computers at the same time.  The VPN connection will connect properly, but I am unable to see any of the servers I normally work on.  After a reset, the connections will also begin working normally.  Netgear was helpless, and going to the closet to reset the router every time I need to access settings or access a server thru VPN is getting very old.  

    Is there any chance that an update is being pushed down, or would this not effect the restored capabilities after a reset?  An chance a firmware update could help?

  • VPN server visibility could be DNS related.  Try setting your DNS servers on the PC to and to see if that helps.

  • I'm experiencing the same issue.  I could connect using the admin/password when I first installed the modem.  I changed the password and it worked fine for a day.  Now I can't login to the web management.  I reset it to factory defaults, but that didn't work either.

    What's up?  Did you change the admin password?

  • Did you hold the reset button on the router for 30 seconds to reset it?