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WiFi connection problems

             I have enjoyed reading the posts in these forums and they have been very helpful .

         Within the last month I have subscribed to Cox Internet service , the tech installed a combo modem/router , however in some parts of the house the wifi signal is extremely weak to non existent . I had an extra router which I then plugged in to the existing combo modem/router , that has worked a little better but not much , but there has been a definite improvement , but i reiterate , not much improvement . I am wondering if I need to purchase a better modem and router or is this maybe some issue on Cox's end. Any thoughts would be appreciated . Hopefully , i will get some help here , Thanks for any help

  • There are a few things to consider if you're going to use your own router with a gateway modem/router which makes this more of an advancted topic.  If you connect an additional router to your network for additional range some configuration changes need to be made the additional router prior to putting it into service.  The LAN IP address needs to be changed to an IP address that is in the same subnet as the primary router's LAN subnet but not in use by other devices on the network.  Once that is done the DHCP server on the additional router also needs to be disabled to prevent any IP lease overlap.  When that is done the additional router can be attached to the network however do not use the Internet/WAN port otherwise there will be additional conflicts.  Should the router need to be reset for any reason these settings will all need to be reconfigured.