How do I set up email on my Android device?

How do I set up email on my Android device?

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  • Posted by MarkF
    27 Jan 2012 1:06 PM

    Do you offier IMAP support for mobile devices?  If so, what are the incomming server settings?  It would be very helpful if you don't already.

  • Posted by TarikJ
    27 Jan 2012 2:46 PM


    Do you offier IMAP support for mobile devices?  If so, what are the incomming server settings?  It would be very helpful if you don't already.

    Our residential mail servers only support the POP protocol, however we do have plans to support IMAP in the future. If you are looking to leave a copy of your mail messages on the server so that you can access them from another device or computer, there should be an option to "Leave the message on the server" in the advanced mail settings.


    The Cox Forums Team

  • Posted by Richjr
    7 Apr 2012 9:51 AM

    Hi, would you have any details on when this will be implemented? I also find this a better service then POP3 as you will not have to manage all of your devices separately when cleaning your inbox. 


  • Posted by mjgolden
    26 Jun 2012 4:46 PM

    I would second that request for IMAP.  In a world where almost everyone is accessing email from multiple devices (from their desktop, their phone, their portable devices), POP3 just doesn't cut it.  It isn't a question of being able to leave a message on the server ... it is the inconvenience and high potential for miscommunication when you have to manually process each individual email separately on each separate device.  (How many times do you look at an email on one device and have to ask yourself, "Did I respond to this one yet or not?" and how many times did you remember wrong?)

    It is also a little ironic that a paid internet/email service like Cox doesn't offer IMAP when almost every free email provider (gmail, yahoo, att, etc.) does.  

    I really do want to make Cox my go-to provider for all my services ... but the outdated and minimally functional email provided makes it very hard to do so.

  • Posted by wysiwyg
    11 Oct 2012 8:31 AM

    I have to totally agree with mjgolden!  I couldn't have said it better myself.  I am rolling over my personal e-mail off of my work email which uses an exchange server.  I have had my cox email but never used it because it was pretty much substandard.  I "assumed" that after 15 years is had improved.  Boy was I wrong!  I want to access off of multiple devices also and also have access to folders.  I am simply floored that Cox is STILL using  POP instead of IMAP by now.  Seriously? 

    When will Cox change over to IMAP so they can compete in the current environment?   I find it pretty pathetic that I will have to pull my email into Yahoo just to make it "work" right?

    What happened to "MY friend in the digital age"?

  • Posted by azcoyotedog
    1 Dec 2012 2:59 PM



  • Posted by javaman07
    19 Jan 2013 8:37 AM

    If you want IMAP support for your email, just switch to Yahoo mail or GMail. Both services are free, provide more storage than COX, faster service than COX, Secure IMAP support, server based email filters. This is the year 2007...or years later... people are using more than one computer/device, IMAP really should be provided by now.

  • Posted by gwar9999
    4 Feb 2013 5:40 PM

    Wow, I'm so glad I haven't taken advantage of the generous 10 email addresses Cox offers me considering I'd only be able to retrieve the messages via a legacy and inferior POP service. Hmmmmm, if Cox didn't waste several years and millions of dollars implementing and marketing a mobile phone plan that was DOA they might have been able to offer IMAP (and save a couple of years and millions of dollars in the process). 

    FWIW, none of my friends in the digital age are using POP3 so I guess Cox and I aren't friends after all.  Of course, my friends aren't always asking me for more money either.