Any spam filter like

Any spam filter like

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Does Cox have anything comparable to the Earthlink SpamBlocker?  I assume, based on my cursory research, that the answer is no. If not, does anyone know a spam filter application that works similar to Earthlink's that can be added to a third party email application (such as Outlook or Thunderbird)?

With Earthlink's Spamblocker, when an email is received from an unknown sender, that sender is required to click a link and submit a registration request which is sent to the intended recipient. Once the recipient approves this sender, they can freely send emails to the recipient. Sure, it may be too laborious for many, but when you're email account is inundated with automated spam, or "spray" style spam, it's a nice solution.

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  • Posted by DustinP
    13 Jan 2018 4:26 AM
    Hi painter,

    I'm not sure if you've found this site, but here's a link to our website on ways to stop unwanted spam.


    Cox Support Forums Moderator