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This question is still unresolved
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I understand I get charged if I go over 1 TB, which was dropped from 2TB for the Ultimate package.  I tried to find the Data Usage Meter on your website, which was impossible for me to find.

I downloaded the app and it says it can't capture my data usage.  So my question is you can't tell me how much I'm using, but you can charge me if I go over.  How is that?

This sure seems like a scam to me to get more money.  Is it time to change?

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  • Posted by NicholeC
    14 Sep 2017 5:53 AM
    Hi h2ouup2,

    You can access the data usage meter by going to:

    If you're not seeing any data after logging in, we can take a closer look at the user ID. Please send an email to Please include your address, your full name, and the ID you're logging in with.

    Thank you,

    Nichole C.

    Cox Forums Moderator