Do you plan to ever fix webmail?

Do you plan to ever fix webmail?

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Ever since you pushed out your "upgraded" webmail: "" or whatever it is, the performance in general is slower. But the biggest annoyance--and it's a big one--is the way messages are automatically selected.

If I open an email, the check box next to it is clicked, and it remains clicked unless I manually uncheck it. Or, if I selected a message to delete or move to spam or any other action, once that message is moved/deleted, the next message in the list gets selected automatically. This makes it extremely easy to perform an action on a message unintentionally.

To explain more clearly, since your chat 'help" couldn't understand:

Say I have 30 messages showing. If I click number 23 and move it to spam, then without me intending, the next message (24) is automatically selected. But I didn't select it, your inferior mail app did. So if i then select another message, say number 18, and delete it or move it to spam, I move it and accidentally move message 24 also. I am constantly having to undelete or remove items from spam. 

This is new with your 'upgrade' and no other email system I use does this. It's a Cox thing. 

Oh, by the way, removing all of my filters and allowing a lot more spam through is a really nice treat also. Thanks for that.

I really don't want to have to change my email address with all of my friends and family, but I do not intend to continue using your inferior mail service. Please fix it. Please update as to when you'll fix it. I was never a big fan of gmail, but if I have to start using it, I guess I will.