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Contour Android App

So were's the Android app for Contour?  It's rather annoying seeing you guys only support apple, there's other tablets out there other then the iPad.

  • Hi DarkFlow,

    I share your frustration in this matter being an Android owner myself. The reason it takes longer to release apps for Android devices is because app developers have to overcome the huge hurdle of writing code and designing an app that takes into account the many different shapes, sizes, screen resolutions, and processing speeds of available Android devices. When coding for iOS, developers deal with a very limited number of screen resolutions and hardware profiles. But when coding for Android, developers have to resolve a virtually limitless set of device parameters. We also have to coordinate authentication access paths for new apps with the manufacturers of each supported device.

    We work hard to stay on top of new technology so we can bring to market the products our customers want as quickly as possible. It might not be as long a wait as you think. We will post updates as we receive them. You can also check the section "News from Cox" of your monthly statement for updates.