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View Homelife cameras on computer

I can view my Homelife cameras fine on the touchscreen they provided as well as my iPhone and iPad.

I cannot however connect to them from a computer using a web browser. I have tried Chrome (Mac and Windows), Safari (Mac), FireFox (Mac and Windows) and Edge (Windows), allowed Flash when asked and turned off AdBlock. I also cleared the cache of all files.

On each of them I get the message on all 3 cameras "Camera Image Loading" and the spinning balls.

I had this issue when traveling on my laptop as well.

Does this work on a computer? If not, why and what is Cox doing to fix it? Have any of you been able to make this work, and if so how?


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  • Hopefully Cox will join the rest of the world and get rid of Flash and go to HTML5 or whatever works better and is secure.

    That would isolate people who can't do HTML5, but I agree it's more secure. Also, I think Chrome is going to dropping flash by 2020, so they are on a time limit.

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