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If it looks suspicious, it might be suspicious

Received a suspicious e-mail in my box today from this sender:
Cox Communications, Inc. <>

I doubt it that Cox Communications would use such an e-mail address but, I figure, I might as well post it here because I might not be the only one.

It basically warns you that if you don't update your account and, of course, there is a button with "Update Account" on it, "Cox Communications"

will be forced to suspend your Cox Communications Account. Needless to mention here, I have never been late, never had any issues but I just want to warn other folks of this ridiculous e-mail scam and, if we're looking at a 0.0001% change it is "real", then whomever sent out this type of e-mail should be fired then shot.


A very satisfied with Cox Communications Customer for over 20 years.

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