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home life slow loading cameras and consistantly dropping out

Since i have had my security system installed two years ago  I have had problems with time it takes to load the cameras, they drop out consistently, they have been to the house but still can not solve the problem. i have a different house with a different provider and  when i am traveling this one works smooth and consistently  what is the problem with Cox home life 

  • Hi Philig,

    We can certainly investigate this issue and address your concerns. Please reach out to us on our Twitter handle (, our Facebook page (, or email at Be sure to include your full name, complete service address, and this post.

    Maria L.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator
  • One thing in general to check is if there is a lot of other wifi networks in your area. If so, your router could be fighting for bandwidth space(channels) with other people's routers around you. See here on how to find the best channel for your router. For specific instructions, what model router/gateway do you have?

    Another thing to check is where the router is positioned to the different cameras. If there is stone/metal/water between the router and the camera, it can provide a barrier to the signal. Turn the camera off, and see how much wifi signal your phone gets where the camera is. If low, you either need to move the camera, the router, or get something to repeat the wifi signal. If you want specific advice, could you explain how your network is setup? Modem > Router > Security Router > Wifi > Cameras? Where is each? Even a simple drawing in MSPaint would help explain a lot.