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Complaint for the terrible attitude of a phone tech support rep's (Audrey)

I have had a really bad customer support experience from cox with a support rep (Audrey) in this morning (5.29.2018 @ 9amEDT) while I called the number 1800-234-3993.

I am a new customer trying to register the internet service through online 2 days ago, but due to the timeout issue, SSN info need to be filled up again. To avoid the this, i decided to call in this morning.

Audrey was the customer rep who gave me a call back this morning. I was trying to explain what I saw in the online options regarding the installation fee. She didn't listen to what I said, and not even let me to finish my sentence. I repeated 3 times, and she interrupted me every single time. She rushed everything and tried to hang up the call as soon as she could. I told her the customer service was so bad, and she said "oh ya? thank you for your time....bye". I felt this extremely disrespectful. This is a terrible experience, and I don't think this is the customer service that should be provided to a future or any existing customers. 

I wish there was a recording in cox as an evidence to prove how bad the customer service was experienced in this morning. This is totally unacceptable attitude as a customer service. I hope you can take this issue seriously.