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Billing dispute


I am a Cox customer for last 9 years - in my recent statement, I was charged an equipment adjustment fee of $57. When I called in, I was told that this is something about a cable box which I still have. I had called multiple times to communicate that I do not have any cable box with me. Last time, I was on call with customer service and then they transferred to loyalty and finance group and they talked to me for last several minutes and the line got disconnected. No call back and no resolution - this happened on 5/24 at 7:45 PM ET. I would really appreciate a response - thank you 

  • I feel for you, but you won't get a response about a billing issue on a technical forum. Calling billing is your best bet. If worst comes to worst, threaten to cancel, and that usually gets you to the "right" person. If that doesn't work, go into a store in person.

  • Hi. We can certainly assist you. Please email your complete address and name on the account to to get assistance with this issue. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator