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Email and error loading page.

I have had nothing but trouble trying to access my email account. This has been a real issue for months now. Sometimes it takes me over a week to gain access to my own email account! I have tried getting tech support from Cox, but  they were of no help. The best clue I've gotten is from the Firefox browser and it showed that the page is being reset before reaching the site. I have complained that the email sign on page shows as a non-secure site, as well as my email account page. Once I've signed on, it also shows as being a non-secure site. What is going on?  I just checked to see if cox email was down again, and it seems like the problem is wide spread and long lasting . What's going on Cox? Your leaving your customers without access to important communications and a feeling that if we do gain the ability to check our emails through your service, we are open to hackers!