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Re: Sleep Timer

I just got my Cox Contour TV and I miss a sleep timer function.  Hope they create on soon.

  • I thought they did. See here.

    Press the CONTOUR button to display the Main Menu.


    Use the right arrow to highlight the gear icon, then press OK.


    Use the down arrow to highlight Device Settings, then press OK.


    Use the down arrow to highlight Power Preferences, then press OK. Use the table below to change power save options.

    Options Steps
    Turn off now
    1. Use the down arrow to highlight Start Now, then press OK.
    2. Press TV POWER to turn off the TV.
    Turn off later
    1. Use the down arrow to highlight Power Save Starts After, then press OK.
    2. Use the up or down arrows to highlight 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours, then press OK. To turn off the Power Save timer, select Off.
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