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I have Netflix but cannot see it on the tv

I have my own Netflix membership but I am not able to watch it on my TV.

what do I need to do to get Netflix to load on the contour?


  • Do you have a Contour 2 box? If you only have a Contour 1 box, it won't work.

    From there, sign up using the Contour 2 guide. See here for more info from Cox. See here for more background info in regards to how it has been out for a while on Comcast (owner of Contour 2).

    Please note, the Cox/Netflix plan is SD only, so if you have a subscription with 4K, and your trying to watch a 4K movie, it won't work. In general, you will get MUCH better picture quality by using your Blue-ray or PC to stream netflix to your TV. Cox cable boxes just don't have the CPU power to handle something so process heavy.