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how do use wifi hotspots

I have Cox Preferred Internet service and have downloaded the cox app however, i cannot see any of the wifi hotspots listed on my phone when i check the settings.  The app shows all the wifi hotspots when i open the app.

Is there something special i need to do?  i have watched the instructional video several times.

  • Wifi is a wireless signal with defined range. You will only see the networks close to where they put their wifi access points on the pole. Basically what you see (when you scan with your phone) is what you get. If you don't see "Cox Wifi" or "Cable Wifi" you aren't in range.

  • Excluding Cox or Cable networks...are there any wireless networks listed on your phone?

  • Hi Sam1947, If you're not seeing CoxWiFi or CableWiFi on your phone's WiFi list, you may not be in range of a hotspot. When you load the WiFi Hotspots section in your app, are you entering your current location at the top? Mary F. Cox Support Forums Moderator