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iHeartRadio app - Your music, your way - what's the deal?

Among other notifications and advertisements in an email I got yesterday from Cox was one about iHeartRadio. Thinking it might be a bit like the Pandora station I have added to my Roku and curious about it I clicked on the link. Now, one would presume by that action that additional information about this app would be provided, such as music genres, whether or not the app would use any of my monthly data, which platforms it works on (mobile or Contour 2 box), what degree of "FREE" it is to the user and more importantly, the hows and wheres to set up and add the app to my Contour. But no. The link brought me to a Cox Troubleshooting page. In all fairness there was on that Troubleshooting page a link to Recover or create an account by visiting iHeartRadio at but even there I saw no instructions for how to set up an account, whether the app was meant to be used with Cox Contour 2 or an external streaming device, or any costs involved in utilizing the app.

The iHeartRadio app on Contour allows you to search for your favorite radio stations or find a new favorite from more than 800 live radio stations.

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  • The steps on how to access and use iHeartRadio are appreciated, Becky. Thanks. I also read today that iHeartRadio is filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. With that in mind as well as the knowledge that iHeartRadio uses my monthly data I think I'll stick with Cox' Music Choice and Pandaora on my Roku.

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