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New Cox Email App (myemail) - Search sub-folders

I can't seem to get the Search function to search on all sub-folders contained within a higher level folder in My Folders.   Can someone help me understand how to do this?  

  • Hi phxphun,

    My apologies for the delay. I'd like to gather a bit more information. Are you able locate the email if you try searching by the subject rather than the sender?
  • Hi LatitiaS,

    No, regardless of search type, it does not work.  All search results are only found within the higher level folder. 

    For example; I have folder called 'Home Remodel' that has 3 sub-folders under it, 'Kitchen', .Bedroom', and 'Bathrooms'.  There is an email in the Bedroom folder that has the words 'furniture quote' in it's subject line.  With the active folder being 'Home' (as indicated by the drop-down at the right of the Search field), searching for 'furniture quote' returns no results.   

    The same limitation applies when using any search category (Date, Sender, Subject,  Mail Text body).  

  • Hi phxphun,

    My apologies for the delayed response. I have escalated this to our next level support. The ticket number associated with your issue is CUI000006276686. We will follow-up with you once we receive an update.
  • Hello Phxphun,

    When using search option, you will need to select different folders and then search. Search option does not search all folders at same time. If you are still having trouble search individual folders, then we would need some more information to re-escalate this to our mail team.