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App to Reactivate Email Accounts

The Cox website on Reactivating an inactice account has this

Cox Email accounts are locked for inactivity when any primary or secondary mailbox has not been checked for new email for at least 180 days following the user's last access. No new email is accepted and all messages are returned to sender while the account is locked for inactivity.

However, at least one of my accounts is set Inactive once a day even though the accounts are being used everyday.  There is no notification the accounts are being set to Insctive, no error message when trying  to send and  receive emails, the sender gets no error message and any email sent when it is set to Inactive is lost.

So, can I get an app to check if any of my Email Accounts have been set to Inactive and then reactive them. I am going on vacation soon and will not be able to check every day and resativate the accounts, and, since any email sent while an account is Inactive, I will lose emails sent to me. 

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  • Hi BobCo,

    Our email administrators identified a backend issue causing some user IDs to go inactive. This issue has been addressed and resolved. Two of your accounts are currently showing “inactive” in our system. Reactivate and log into each account one more time. Our email administrators state that your accounts should no longer go inactive. Thanks for your patience as we worked to fix this for you!

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