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Relaying Not Allowed Error with Multiple Cox E-Mail Accounts

I have 2 e-mail accounts because I like to use "account #2" just for e-mails to my running club.  Ever since we had to change the SMTP server from 25 to 465 I get intermittent error messages.  The latest thing I get is the common

'550 5.1.1 <emailaddresshere> relaying not allowed'

error message.  I can send e-mails back and forth from my 2 e-mail accounts no problem.  But I get this error message if I try to send a test message to my gmail account (i.e., outside the Cox domain).

One strange thing is that I configure both e-mail accounts in Outlook to use the same SMTP 465 port.  But after I get the error message from "account #2", sometimes the SMTP setting on that account automatically gets changed back to 25.

Do I need to have different SMTP server settings on the 2 accounts?  When I called Cox about this, they said all they could do is tell me what the correct "single account" server settings should be (which I already know from the e-mail notices I got) and they said if that doesn't work I should contact MIcrosoft.  There is NO WAY this is a Microsoft problem.  Everything was fine before Cox changed the server settings.


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  • @What URL do I need to go to to get the Cox Security Suite Plus

    I have responded to your main post requesting additional information.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator

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