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NBA on ABC broadcasts are in Spanish on Contour App

During the Oklahoma City vs Cleveland game, the audio feed switched from English to Spanish. Closed captions are in English, so are the commercials! I've tried to switch the SAP but it's grayed out. The broadcast is fine on my Contour TVs. My provider is Cox Oklahoma City. What gives??
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  • I am experiencing the same issue. This occurred for both the Houston vs. Utah game and the Cleveland vs. Indiana game today and has occurred in the past.

    After getting asked to try the SAP and language settings and then getting the run around from Cox support, I did finally reach a Cox support employee who put in some effort. My understanding is that she reached out to a higher support tier and that the issue is ABC's broadcast, but Cox is unwilling to reach out to ABC because it is not considered a recurring issue.

    After finding this thread, this is clearly a recurring issue and needs to be resolved.

    I will be cancelling my streaming service if they cannot resolve this in the next few days.