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Missing Live TV channels in contour app

This has been an ongoing issue for over a month now. The only channels I can see and access in the contour app and at are some TvGo channels. This is occurring inside my home while using my home network. Previously, all channels I subscribe to were available for viewing. It acts as if I am trying to access the content from outside of my home. Have been dealing with cox phone support for a few weeks now with no resolution. Hoping someone here may have some insight...

  • I lost the same channels Jan 1 and still not working. I was on phone with Cox support and didn't resolve the issue. They are aware of the problem. They didn't have a clue. This has happened three times in the past and lasted for only a day. Longer now. What's going on?
  • Hi Nanseeq and Mr Kuz,

    When looking at the list of Live channels at, make sure you have no Filters set. Click the Filters button in the upper right-hand corner, click CLEAR ALL, and then click APPLY. Please do this even if there are no current filters set.

    After going through the above steps, scroll through the list of Live channels. Do the channel numbers in the channel lineup simply skip some channels?

  • It did not correct the problem. I use the contour app on two devices. The app is not working correctly on both. I have spoken with tech support and they are aware of the problem and didn't have a solution or know when it would be working. This has happened in the past and lasted for about one day. 

  • Mr Kuz,

    Since I haven't yet located an escalation ticket similar to what you've described, I'd like to submit a ticket on your behalf. That way, I can ensure the issue is escalated correctly. Are you able to post a screenshot or two? I'm especially interested in seeing how the list of Live channels is displayed:

    • From the Contour app on a mobile device
    • From using a browser

    If you are unable to post screenshots here, please email me at and include the screenshots as email attachments. Thanks!

  • Hi Becky,

    I have checked that the channels are not being filtered. Also, the issue is occurring across multiple devices. The channel lineup does not show channel numbers since this started happening (mid December). They just appear with TVGo next to them. Here is a screenshot of what I see: