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Phone Tools on Cox Connect App

The phone tools app is not working on my Android smartphone.

When clicked it just sits and spins.

This used to work.  Any idea on how to get it back?

  • Hi rwilson,

    Please uninstall and reinstall the app.  Is the Phone Tools section the only section where it spins or is it when you launch the Cox Connect app?

  • Thanks. I have already tried uninstall and reinstall but it did not solve problem. Phone Tools section is the only section that spins - everything else works fine.
  • Hi rwilson,

    Could you log in to the Phone Tools on the Cox website and let us know if the Phone Tools section load.  If the issue continues, please email us at with your full name and street address.  Please include a link to this post.  Thanks.

  • I logged into Phone Tools on the Cox website - everything works fine.

    Email has been sent as you suggested.

  • Phone Tools on the Cox Connect App is now working on my Smartphone.

    I received an email from Cox Connect App (CCI-Atlanta) that said Go try it now.

    There was no explanation of the problem.

    I also have had a second issue for some time - the caller ID no longer shows up on my TV.

    I will post on the TV Forum to try to solve it.

    Thanks for your help.