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Can't access webmail on my iPad mini

Starting a new thread on this disaster of a new webmail app suite (sounds fancy doesn't it?  About $5 more a month fancy!) because I think this is a separate problem.

while I was out last night enjoying a glass of wine & the company of friends, our main email address got "migrated." In other words screwed up! I had several issues discussed in other threads, but the main problem is that I cannot get into webmail from my iPad mini. Period. And yet I read it was compatible with Apple?

had a long frustrating conversation with cox techs last nigh and they were clueless. They'd been given no info from this alleged "communications" company and someone from "the team" is going to call me.

and it might snow at Christmas this year!

Problem is, I am traveling soon and that's how I manage my email on the road. 

Am I to pack up my win7 desktop and take with?

am I the only one?