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New Appsuite for eMail

Somehow, my Email got convert to the myemail/appsuite.  I chatted with a rep who said that I must of asked to be converted and once I was converted I cannot go back.  ALL my new EMail now goes to my SPAM folder.  I have supposedly turned OFF my SPAM filter yet everything still goes to the SPAM folder.  Also when using the help functions, NO references to the new Email is mentioned only the differences beween the enhanced and regular email.

Anyone having similar issues??

  • Hi JimGil,

    I'm sorry that the transition to the new email platform was not as smooth as it should be! We know you did not ask to be migrated; all Cox email customers are being migrated to the new email platform over the next few months. We have a ticket open so our mail team can address why all of your mail is going to your Spam folder. Our team will track this ticket on your behalf and let you know as soon as we have further information.

    To learn more about the new email platform, go to and

  • Not only that but email forwarding is not working. forwarded mail goes into the bit bucket unless you have the forward and save option checked. It still will not forward, but, you will not lose your incoming mail.  Check the internet forum for more details. This is a known problem that the techs are working on. No ETA of resolution.

  • Forwarding does not work, sometimes works on email that has not been moved to the "new" system. New email systems bounces incoming messages that exist in my contacts and that I have been receiving messages for years, still works fine in the old email system. Only half of my email addresses have been converted. I requested that they stop converting my email until they fix the "new" (broken) system but was told I have no choice. They are still moving forward with the conversion to the "new" email with no date when the issues will be fixed. Gmail still works fine, although it's sad to pay for a Internet/email service that's broken.
  • Becky they all broke the links for the my account options like pay bill,  tv tools, phone tools and internet tolls it was better when they were on the left side instead of having to click the cox logo and go to my account.

  • You're right, Andrew. The new Cox email platform doesn't have links to account tools (Phone Tools, Pay Bill, Internet Tools, etc.) on the left-hand side of the screen. Only your list of email folders is displayed on the left. I was a fan of that menu, also. However, I believe our web developers were trying to keep the look of the new email platform consistent with the My Account page design.

    Learn more about the new email platform at